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Woman's Torso Lying




Sexuality is powerful. It activates the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of ourselves, physically and emotionally. This gives sex the power to either be harmful or healing. Many sexual struggles have physiological causes, but they can also result from disconnecting from your ability to access and exercise your sexual agency.

Perhaps someone or something has cut you off from your agency over your sexuality- dictating how, when, where, and why you experience sex- rather than you being your own authority, choosing how you experience and share these most vulnerable parts of yourself. Negative messages about sex or negative sexual experiences can disconnect you from the positive power of your sexuality. Sex can also be used to uplift, inspire, empower, and heal.

It can be difficult to have intimate connection when there has been historical trauma, pain, fear, betrayal, or shame for individuals or partners. Sex therapy can release you from the pain of the past and help you move forward together with greater personal and relational power to enjoy this “safe adventure”. 

I work with hetero, gay/lesbian, queer, gender diverse, monogamous or polyamorous folks - to help people understand and access their identities, orientations and sexual selves in ways that are free of pain shame,  inadequacy and expectation. Whether you are seeking treatment as an individual or a couple, we can help you heal emotional injuries from your past and give you the tools to create the intimate relationship you desire.

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