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Life can be challenging. Even positive life events and transitions can still be stressful and bring apprehension or unease. And in the midst of difficult life events, it's even easier to feel “stuck” or unable to break down personal brick walls. Sometimes the adaptive coping skills we've developed stop working, pain from old wounds or relationships resurface or our vision becomes clouded through mental illnesss and makes daily life difficult. Whether you are experiencing an overwhelming personal crisis or you are looking for some tools to make adjustments to your life, career, relational self, my services are here to help.


As a therapist, I offer a non-judgmental, identity-affirming and validating environment where you will be respected and understood. I will work with you to create an individualized strategy to move towards the personal goals you identify. Working with a therapist can give you the freedom to say things that have been previously unsaid, raise your awareness of potential blind spots, help you identify steps to break unhealthy patterns and investigate your core values and strengths.


My goal is not for you to merely function within your current situation, but to help you form skills and workable plans that move you towards what you define as a rich and meaningful life. My treatment collaboration with you will always incorporate the strengthening of all the seven Cs of Resilience: control, coping, competence, connection, confidence, character and contribution. 


Let's work together to come up with a customized plan to address the psychological, biological, social, and/or spiritual aspects of your situation which we will evaluate and accommodate along the way.


I am always happy to answer any questions you might have before we get started in a free 20-minute consult. You can reach me via the contact details below. 

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